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Sun Club

Perks for being a sun club member

All memberships are 6 month minimum.
Cancellations in writing only.

Members who join the Sun Club are enrolled into a re-occurring monthly membership with the option of choosing which tier best suits their needs – Premier, Super, Mystic, Red Light or VIP. Members’ first month payment along with sign-up fee is due upon enrollment. Payment for the membership is received electronically once a month on the 1st or 15th of each month. Members may cancel after six months (cancellation fee applies if cancelled before six months), cancellation must be received in writing fourteen days prior to draw date.


Tropical Tann matrix tanning bed - premier club membershipThe Premier Sun Club allows unlimited use of the High Pressure Sunbeds – Matrix (15mins) and Glammy (12mins), as well as every other sunbed. High Pressure tanning uses UVA light which results in a much faster, darker, and longer lasting tan and far fewer sessions are needed to maintain the tan.Tropical Tann matrix tanning bed - premier club membership

  • Only $95 per month
  • Use of ALL UV units
  • 20% off any lotion bottle
  • Mystic Spray Tan $10.50
  • Red Light Therapy $5.50
  • Sign-up fee $50


mystic boothThe mystic sun club allows unlimited use of our sunless unit; see the Mystic Tan page for further information.

  • Only $85 per month
  • Use of Light Mystic Tan
  • 15% off any lotion bottle
  • Cocktail tan upgrades available


  • VIP $1
  • Super $5.50
  • Red Light $8.50
  • High Pressure $11.50

Sign-up fee $50


Tropical Tann super tanning bed - super club membershipThe Super Sun Club allows use of the Super Bed (12 min.), Super Sonic Stand-Up (7 min.), Facial Bed (15 min.), and VIP (20 min.) sunbeds. These beds and stand-up units use a mixture of UVA and UVB to help take your tan to the next level. They have built-in fans, AM/FM CD Pioneer Radio Sound System Tropical Tann super sonic tanning bed - super club membershipwith option MP3 hookups.

  • Only $65 per month
  • Use of Facial, Supers and VIP beds
  • 15% off any lotion bottle
  • Upgrade to High Pressure for $11.50
  • Mystic Spray Tan for $11.50
  • Sign-up fee $50
  • Red Light Therapy $12.50

Red Light Therapy

Tropical Tann red light therapy - red light club membershipRed Light Therapy is a rejuvenation process for your skin. It is a 20 minute session that stimulates collagen and elastin skin proteins. Some other benefits include: firming, toning and increases skin’s elasticity; minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, deep furrows and crow’s feet and improvement of skin tone and clarity.

  • Only $80 per month
  • Unlimited use of Red Light bed
  • 25% off Red Light Skin Care Products
  • 15% Off Tanning Skincare Products
  • Ability to use tanning units for an additional upgrade fee per tan


  • VIP $1
  • Facial $2
  • Super Bed and Sonic $8.50
  • High Pressure and Mystic $15.50

Sign-up fee $35


The VIP membership allows use of the 20-minute base bed and 10-12 minute stand-up.

  • Only $35 per monthTropical Tann VIP gold tanning bed - VIP club membership
  • Use of any Base Bed or Stand up booth
  • 10% off any lotions
  • Upgrade to Facial Bed for $2
  • Super Bed or Sonic for $10.50
  • Mystic or High Pressure $18.50
  • Red Light Therapy $19.50
  • Sign-up fee $30