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Tanning Tips

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Tropical Tann is a Smart Tan Certified Salon; all staff members are trained in Ultraviolet Light Administration, The Smart Tan Skin Type System TM , Sunburn Prevention and Skin Care, Protective Eyewear Usage, and Smart Salon Sanitation.


Tanning is natural and provides the same benefits and risks indoors and outdoors. However, tanning indoors is in a controlled environment and is completely operator managed which results in a smarter tan with minimal risk of burning. A burn is not necessary to build a tan. A burn is damage to your skin. You need to heal a burn before you can get a tan.

How Your Skin Tans

Tanning happens in the skins most outer layer. This layer contains melanocytes and when exposed to UVB light these cells produce pinkish colored melanin that is absorbed by other skin cells. When skin is exposed to UVA light, the melanin produced from UVB darkens and this results in your skins natural protection from the sun, a sun tan.

Tropical Tann - how your skin tans

Spray Tan Tips


Arrive with clean, exfoliated skin and remove moisturizers. Avoid wearing perfume. Wear loose fitted clothing.


Remove all clothing and jewelry, apply blending cream to hand and feet, and follow audio step-by-step instructions. Remember your tan will continue to develop over the next 24 hours. The FDA recommends nose plugs, lip balm and eyewear; all of which are available upon request.


Avoid showering or coming in to contact with water of any kind for at least 4-6 hours after your tan for the solution to fully process on your skin, maximize your results by keeping your skin moisturized every day.

Skin Care

Your skins needs more than UV light to achieve a long lasting beautiful sun tan. Professional tanning products are important to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. Professional-grade lotion prepares the skin for indoor tanning, provides a much darker tan faster and keeps the skin moisturized for a long-lasting tan. Tropical Tann Smart Tan Staff Members will help you determine the best indoor tanning regimen to get the look you want. We determine the appropriate exposure schedule based on your skin type and always recommend rotating equipment to provide you with the most optimal tanning results.

Professional Tanning Lotion

It is the key to achieving the most optimal tan. These lotions are formulated to speed up the tanning process. You can achieve up to 43% more color by using a professional tanning lotion with each session. Indoor tanning intensifiers and bronzers enhance your tanning capability while also providing extra care to your skin via intense moisturizers and skin conditioners.


We Clean Everything!

We take responsibility for the cleanliness of your tanning atmosphere. Before each tanning session, each room is carefully sanitized. Our bed cleaner eradicates any reasonable chance of you coming into contact with any virus or infection. Our salon is thoroughly inspected by the New York State Department of Health and policies are followed for your protection.

Protect your Eyes

Did you know – your eyelids are too thin to protect your eyes from UV light? Tanning eyewear is required by federal law for each tanning session, we are also responsible for visibly knowing you have FDA approved indoor tanning eye protection before your tanning session – we must ask to see it each time you visit the salon.


We advise you to consult your medical professional if you are taking medication. Some medications can have adverse effects with the sun light and your skin becomes photosensitive.


We recommend that you consult with your physician.